Course Content

SmartHome Automation with IBM Watson

  • Module - 1: Integrating DHT-11, PIR, LDR and current Sensors with Node, MCU using Arduino Programming.
  • Module - 2: Connecting Node- MCU to IBM Cloud using Arduino Programming.
  • Module - 3: Sending and receiving data from node red UI to device.
  • Module - 4: Creating a UI in Node Red with buttons and visualization aids.
  • Module - 5: Working with IBM Watson cloud services
  • Module - 6: Accessing Sensor data from anywhere in the world.
  • Module - 7: Notifications and SMS are triggered based on the sensor values automatically.
  • Module - 8: Reduce the need for complex programming to control appliances as we are using Node Red Programming.
  • Module - 9: Cost Effective method in control of home appliances.