Course Content

Blockchain Certification

Module 1: Origin and Working Of Blockchain

Module 2: Cryptocurrency And Blockchain

Module 3: Bitcoin Platform

Module 4: Bitcoin Mining

Module 5: Introduction To Ethereum

Module 6: Basic Solidity

Module 7: Advanced Solidity

Module 8: Developing a App Using Truffle

Module 9: Hyperledger

Module 10: Setting Up Development Environment Using Hyperledger Composer

Module 11: Create And Deploy Your Private Blockchain On MultiChain

Module 12: Prospects Of Blockchain

Project Work

Project #1: Property Transfer via Smart Contracts Industry: Real Estate Problem Statement: You need to build a smart contract which is capable of handling property transfer. Project #2: Online Jewelry Application Industry: e-commerce Problem Statement: Develop an Online Jewelry application using solidity and any of the front-end Java scripting languages that you are aware of. Project #3: KYC Prototype in Blockchain Industry: Banking Problem Statement: Know Your Customer (KYC) processes require banks to validate and verify primary documents as part of due diligence. Using all the concepts learned during the training program build a Blockchain based KYC prototype.