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Summer Internship Program - 2019
Course Fee*
₹ 7500/-
₹ 6000/-
certified Training & internship
* Plus GST as applicable **Fee paid towards slot booked is non-refundable.
What you get?
Training Certificate
Internship Certificate
Build your Own Project Idea
Complete Hands-on Training
Earn IBM skill Badges
Long-Term Mentorship
Locations :
Hyderabad, Chennai, Kurnool
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About Summer Internship Program 2019
Powered by Hellointern, SmartBridge in collaboration with IBM offering a summer training cum internship programs for the students on latest emerging technologies like IoT and Machine Learning. This program delivers a structured training on technology for 80 hrs. and the students shall develop their project ideas & submit a report in next 40 hrs. It’s a complete hands-on training.
You Will Learn
Students can choose any track based on their interest & skill
Internet of Things (IoT) with IBM Cloud
IOT Architecture
ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, Sensors & Actuators
IBM Watson IOT Platform
Node - RED based App. Development
IBM cognitive Services
End-to-End Development
Machine Learning with Python & IBM DSX
Machine Learning fundamentals
Python for data science
Machine Learning algorithms
Natural language processing
IBM Data Science Experience
IBM Watson Machine Learning
Embedded Systems Development For IOT Applications
Introduce latest embedded system development tools
Explore ARM mBED operating system for ARM microcontrollers
Work on mBED communication API’s
Introduce the Concepts of Real-time operating systems
Explore the functions of Amazon FreeRTOS
Develop IoT applications with ESP32 hardware platform
Introduce the concepts of electronic circuit design
Convert the prototypes into products
Develop projects with ARM & ESP32 platforms
Work with IOT Protocols – MQTT, CoAP
Artificial Intelligence
Introduction to Artificial intelligence and Python
Python Programming
Python for AI
Introduction to Neural Networks
Working with Keras Framework
Convolutional Neural Networks
Recurrent Neural Networks
Natural Language Processing
Explore IBM Watson Studio