Internship - Engineering (Non-IT)

Internship Title : Embedded System Engineer
Company Name : Xprenza
Last Updated : Apr 04, 2020
Vacancy Location : Nagpur - India
Internship Category Engineering (Non-IT)
Work Type Full-time
Number of Openings 7
Salary 3000
Start Date (Approx.) May 01, 2020
End Date (Approx.) Aug 01, 2020
Skills Embedded Systems
Description Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Reading datasheets and technical papers and crystallizing out meaningful information to implement 2. Debugging errors and iteratively improving so as to establish and maintain the quality standards of Xprenza Skills & Requirements: 1. Apt knowledge of programming languages like C, C++ 2. Having a strong background in interfacing and debugging with micro-controllers, preferably non-Arduino 3. Having developed a robust working SISO system (single input single output system), a video submission of the working and explanation is encouraged 4. An elementary project like Line Follower or Wall Follower is a must Projects like Maze solver would be highly welcome 5. He/She should have a working/operational idea of basic electronic devices like a capacitor, resistors, Heat Sinks, Diodes, MOSFETS, Timers, counters, etc. 6. He/She should have worked with or at least interfaced with sensors like IR (emitter/detector), ultrasonic (emitter/detector), Inertial Measurement Unit (IMUs), force-sensitive resistors, odometers, etc. 7. He/She should have worked with actuators or at least interfaced them like DC motors, servo motors, stepper motors