Internship Details

Internship Title : 3 Startups - Web And Mobile Platform Development
Company Name : Make Me Builder
Last Updated : Mar 29, 2017
Vacancy Location : Virtual Internship
Internship Category Software Development
Work Type Virtual
Number of Openings 8
Salary Unpaid
Start Date (Approx.) Jan 15, 2017
End Date (Approx.) Apr 15, 2017
Skills Database Design, Web Design, Mobile Applications
Description Any construction project has 3 broad phases. We have decided to create separate ventures to address their unique needs. The 3 ventures in the works are: 1) MakeMyPermit – Government Policy, Approvals and Permits 2) MakeMeBuilder – Finance, Design, Procurement and Construction 3) Cleverdeals – Sales, Leasing and Marketing All 3 ventures work on the same principle – the aggregator model, like the one seen at Ola, Urban Clap where you connect service seekers with service providers, and add a layer of credibility and transparency. However ours are a bit different as our processes are relatively more complex, may not always be handled by one person only, and substantial centralized resources to manage performance, create knowledge and deliver results over an extended time. You can choose one of these 3 ventures and participate as a team preferably from same college. You will work from wherever you are located and coordinate with startup leader using digital modes of communication and meetups if required. Guidance related to design process from a user’s perspective, testing and providing feedback will be available In case your work is utilized for this startup, you may be invited to become a permanent team member and even be considered to become an equity holder. This we have decided to provide as an alternate to any stipend or allowance. You should consider this internship as an extension of your education and learning experience.