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Internship Details

Internship Title : Content Marketing Internship
Company Name : Getmyuni
Last Updated : Jun 27, 2017
Vacancy Location : Bangalore - India
Internship Category Content & Editorial
Work Type Full-time
Number of Openings 7
Salary 6000
Start Date (Approx.) Jun 12, 2017
End Date (Approx.) Aug 12, 2017
Skills Creative Writing
Description Your work criteria will generally be centred on the following: 1. Conducting a proper research on a given topic and leeching out as many facts as possible to frame valuable content/articles on the topic itself. 2. Analyzing user derived reviews on various institutes and universities listed on the live site and formatting them to provide apt information to the students and other aspiring individuals. 3. Developing SEO friendly content for the live site. 4. Marketing the firm with better content so that it can rank better on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). This will be a Work From Office job. Each of you will have to bring your own Laptop/Notebook/Mac/Chromebook as it is important to the work at hand as there will be a considerable amount of research required.