Internship - Project/Program Management

Internship Title : Intern - Csr & Investor Network
Company Name : Divershefy - Angaros India
Last Updated : May 21, 2019
Vacancy Location : Hyderabad - India
Internship Category Project/Program Management
Work Type Full-time
Number of Openings 1
Salary To-Be-Decided
Start Date (Approx.) Apr 15, 2019
End Date (Approx.) Jun 15, 2019
Skills Market Analysis, Analytical Skills, Online Research, Leadership, Project Management
  • 100 Days Challenge: Date base of CSR leaders in India and abroad of 500 listed companies and MNCs(about 100) like Amazons, Gates Foundation, Rabo bank etc and also investing HNIs(about 100 ), and foundations of all the
    top listed companies in BSE/NSE. Preferably from the industries we guide you to focus on.
  • CSR/Investor Network: Focus on Annual Report of firms chosen in the target industries and scour CSR
    data from them and fill in the formats give to you

-Post any Divershefy events, news, blogs on social media and actively track and respond to comments.
Follow up on comments from potential in reaching your challenge.
- Scour relevant social media postings and comments to reach above goals and direct to Divershefy leadership team.
- Monitor social media and internet for any diversity, inclusion, leadership, women related forums/events
for potential business engagement
- You will be guided on 9 key sunrise industries likely to accept women in top management roles or invest
in to organizations that promote women leadership.

- List out primary drivers and set up auto news bots for latest updates on the industries.
  • Field Activity: Attend industry meets, budget sessions, attend relevant industrial exhibitions to understand
    the industry brass tacks.
  • Desk Job: Documentation on “nouns & numerical” profiles of CSR/Donors/HNI in that space-both men & women including contact numbers, linked profiles etc. as given in the format.

Note : Only Hyderabad based students can apply!