Internship - Logistics

Internship Title : Operations Manager
Company Name : Flintstop
Last Updated : May 26, 2019
Vacancy Location : Mumbai - India
Internship Category Logistics
Work Type Full-time
Number of Openings 3
Salary To-Be-Decided
Start Date (Approx.) Mar 16, 2019
End Date (Approx.) Jun 16, 2019
Skills Operations Management
Description Job Description of Operation Manager Order Processing Market Place Offline Cash Sales Website Corporate 2. Making Declarations Making Invoices and Saving it in the Drop Box in the respective Month vise folders 3. Managing Inventory - Adding and Reducing Stock 4. Managing Returns 5. Calling Clients for the return of Samples 6. Returns Calls 7. Claiming returned Orders of Seller panels like Flipkart or Amazon 8.Calling Website Order Customers for confirming the Orders and asking them about us like where did they got to know about or website and asking them about product review or feedback 9. Generating Commission Invoices from the Seller Pannels Monthly 10. Adding Products to the Website 11. Listing new Products on various website’s like PropShop24,etc 12. Scheduling Shipments on Shipmile and Rapid 13. Processing PropShop24’s Invoice and Updating the Inventory every week.