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Organized By : National Institute Of Technology Hamirpur
Tagline : What Leads And Drags The World Are Not Machines, But Ideas

Program Highlights

Event Name : Electrothon
Who can participate : The Hackathon – ‘Electrothon’, aims to build an environment where people from different backgrounds come together and Discover wild ideas, Share experiences, Fuel their works and Celebrate technology. It is a platform where exploring minds come as individuals but leave as a community. It is open to developers, hobbyists and tech enthusiasts from our college as well as other colleges.
Event Location : National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur
Event Start Date : Feb 01, 2020
Event end Date : Feb 02, 2020
Last Date for Registration : Dec 31, 2019
Program Details :
The Hackathon mainly has two tracks, namely the hardware track and software track and has various subdomains. People can participate in a team varying from 2 to 4 members. The participants will have to propose exciting and innovative ideas aimed to reduce human efforts, enhance the user experience, solve generic social problems and to make something interesting using emerging technologies. The ideas will go through an evaluation process followed by shortlisting of most innovative problem statements and best ideas to overcome these. The participants will be free to choose any of the domains out there and can develop hardware or software-based project. Furthermore, the selected teams will be invited to an incubation room to develop a prototype of their project. The event will last for two days. On the final day, they will have to present their creation. The final evaluation will take place in the form of a presentation, which will be judged by eminent Tech Speakers from around the world. TRACKS AND DOMAINS • IoT • Machine Learning • Embedded systems/Developer Boards/Electronics • Web / App Development • Virtual reality / Augmented reality / Mixed Reality • Miscellaneous/General fields
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Event Url : http://specnith.com/hackathon.html