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Organized By : Birla Institute Of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi
Tagline : The Cornerstone Of India's Largest Student Hackathon.

Program Highlights

Event Name : Hack-A-BIT
Who can participate : Anyone who is willing and has the calibre to code for 36 hours to collaborate on a project and come up with unique ideas to solve any problem.
Event Location : Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, Ranchi
Event Start Date : Oct 18, 2019
Event end Date : Oct 20, 2019
Last Date for Registration : Sep 10, 2019
Program Details :
Date: 18th Oct - 20th Oct 2019
Venue: Birla Institute Of Technology, Mesra Ranchi
Duration of Hack: 36 Hours

No Registration charges
Free food and accommodation
Guest Lectures

It's time to take your knack for the hack, and put it to good use. With participation from colleges across the nation and developers agnostic to languages and frameworks, you'll not only be brainstorming, but also witnessing a plethora of cool ideas. To add to the experience, we have several workshops and guest lectures being taken up by the industry experts. The hack is only a small part of the competition. The real spirit lies in building your network in the growing tech community and collaborating with some of the finest minds of the nation. Just remember, taking the Hackathons too seriously defeats the purpose. Save the seriousness for pitching to investors. Hackathons are supposed to be exciting and worthwhile. Keeping an open mind will open new doors, help build new relationships and acquire new skills. After the unprecedented success of the first edition, Hack-A-BIT has just gotten bigger.

Here are the prizes on offer:
1st Prize: Rs. 40000
2nd Prize: Rs. 30000
3rd Prize: Rs 20000
4th Prize: Amazon Echo dot.
5th Prize: BOAT STONE 260 + ROCKERZ 255
6th Prize: RedGear Manta Gaming Set
7th-10th Prize: Mi Band 3 Best Hardware Hack: Rs. 10000 Best All girl team: Rs. 10000 Best Garage Article: Goodies Worth 5000 Apart from the prizes, what is in it for you?

1. No Registration Charges
2. Free Accommodation
3. Free food
4.Travel reimbursement
5. Great guest Lectures and Judges
6. Technical facilities like cloud VMs, HPC, hardware like Micro-controllers, IoT devices, etc.
Biggest and most importantly- The learning opportunity and the experience, and the glory of building something of your own in 36 hours. The last date for idea submission is 10th September, so put on your thinking caps and visit: www.hackabit.in. This is the cornerstone of India's largest student hackathon. This is HACK-A-BIT.
Social Links : facebook Twitter
Event Url : www.hackabit.in