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Organized By : Jaypee University Of Information Technology
Tagline : Transcending Innovation

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Event Name : E-SUMMIT'19
Who can participate : This E-Summit is a sincere effort to provide a platform for all the young minds to interact with the brilliant personalities of the corporate world like you!! The summit would involve participation from esteemed business leaders and would motivate young workforce towards initiating their entrepreneurial journey.
Event Location : Jaypee University of Information Technology is a state university in Waknaghat, Solan, Himachal Prad
Event Start Date : Sep 28, 2019
Event end Date : Sep 29, 2019
Last Date for Registration : Sep 25, 2019
Program Details :
Sometimes, we come across an out of the box, creative, innovative and intellectual thought, but simply let it evaporate because we believe that we aren’t capable of turning that idea into reality, with the vision of molding the future youth of the country into self-independent and intellectual beings. Entrepreneurship is the key that can unlock this hidden potential in each individual. Come be a part of this knowledgeable and exciting adventure with us to enjoy each and every moment of this beautiful serene valley where knowledge dwells. To make this happen, we’ve brought together the experts of the startup world as well as the corporate sector. From leadership talks to exciting competitions, to Informal nights, this E-Summit will be a whirlwind of events exploring the hidden entrepreneur in each of you with the promise of the best time! But the one who has the audacity to work on a raw idea and has the nerve to innovate draws the line between a leader and a follower. So come, and be a part of transcending innovations, where we will go beyond the limits to achieve the things that are beyond the bounds of possibility!
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Event Url : http://esummit.tiedc.in/