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Organized By : Shivaji College, University Of Delhi
Tagline : Redefining Notions

Program Highlights

Event Name : ACE OF SPADE
Who can participate : Any student from any university.
Event Location : Shivaji College, University of Delhi
Event Start Date : Apr 04, 2019
Event end Date : Apr 04, 2019
Last Date for Registration : Apr 04, 2019
Program Details :
SPADE- The Socio-Economic Society of Shivaji College shall be hosting it's the grand annual spectacle- ACE, Annual Consortium for Excellence - The Annual Festival of SPADE. The event shall be spiced with mind racking events that will test the participants' economics and business acumen to the limit! The Chief Guest of the event is Dr S P Sharma, working with the PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry as Chief Economist. The Guests of Honour shall be Mr. Nikhil Arora and Mr. Sharad Toopran, working as Founding Partners at ArkVega Partners LLP. The Intercollegiate events are Ecopix, Recks on a Deck, 10 ka Dum, Pixingo and The Rational Resolve, which intend to test the socio economic knowledge of the students, with a twist, and endeavour to widen their practical understanding of economics. Ecopix and Pixingo aim to sensitise participants to socio-economic issues through photos and images. Apart from the events, SPADE will also have the launch of the Annual Research Book ‘Arthmanthan'. Prizes worth ₹4 lakh are to be won.
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Event Url : http://spadeshivaji.com