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Organized By : Kalyani Government Engineering College
Tagline : A Blast From The Past

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Event Name : ESPEKTRO'19
Who can participate : Students from all over India can participate in any of our Technical and Cultural events
Event Location : KALYANI, NADIA
Event Start Date : Mar 12, 2019
Event end Date : Mar 16, 2019
Last Date for Registration : Mar 14, 2019
Program Details :
How often are we down with fever? How high does the quick silver climb in the thermometer? Well, whether it's been long since the last time you ran a temperature or you're not doing well lately, be prepared to be hit by the fest fever of Espektro this March as we promise to outrun all degrees of measure with what we have in our bag. Leaning on the two pillars of KGEC - Techtix, the Technical Fest and Exotica, the cultural fest this spring seems to have called summer just before time as Kalyani heats up with preparations and forerunners to Espektro'19. The greatest exuberance of Kalyani Government Engineering College every year, brings to all the participants and spectators an excellent spumoni of talent and creativity, glamorous, and gorgeous, brainy and brilliant.
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Event Url : espektro.kgec.edu.in