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Organized By : Srm Institute Of Science And Technology
Tagline : Learn. Grow. Achieve

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Event Name : Technozarre
Who can participate : college students with valid college ID.
Event Location : Chennai
Event Start Date : Feb 21, 2019
Event end Date : Feb 22, 2019
Last Date for Registration : Feb 20, 2019
Program Details :
Workshops: 1. Flutter & Firebase Full-Stack App Development Cross Platform App development is one of the most trending technology in the development industry and after Google released the Flutter SDK, it has become more approachable than ever before. Flutter enables us to build Native Apps for both Android and iOS using a single codebase. This workshop will focus on teaching reactive programming with Dart and Flutter. The live coding sessions will also be built around Firebase, which will be used as a database, and authentication service, so that the students do not have to write server-side code. This workshop will dwell into the basics of reactive programming, and the various software design principles. 2. Wireframing A wireframe is a basic skeleton of a product’s layout. Wireframes are used early on in the design and development process to validate information architecture and general user flows. It is a critical step in the process of designing a product because it helps to determine how an app or website is supposed to look and function. It ensures that everyone involved in the project remains on the same page with regards to a product’s structure and features and can also serve as a product documentation of sorts. For any student who is aiming to become a UI or a Frontend Developer, this workshop will be very helpful. 3. Digital Marketing Workshop The demand for well articulated and optimised content for the web and various other digital products is consistently growing, and so are the jobs surrounding it. A good digital marketing specialist has a working knowledge of the aesthetics of content and the concepts that work inside it. SEO, Schema, Google Marketing Platform, among others are some of the essential utilities, that one needs to master, to excel in this field. This workshop will cover all these aspects. 4. Crypto Currencies Block-chain the latest and most intriguing topic in the field of computer science. The building block of most modern crypto-currencies, that includes, revolutionary Bitcoins, that had its own share of world’s attention. But it finds its use in multiple fields, that can be ingenious, cost-effective, fast and safe technologies. This workshop aims at providing an insight on this topic. Creating awareness, promoting research and attempt to inspire engineers to apply the knowledge gained in their respective fields. Seminars: 1. The World of Open Source Open source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance. Its authors make its source code available to others who would like to view that code, copy it, learn from it, alter it, or share it. Bootstrap, Node.js, React, Angular, Visual Studio Code, and many such technologies which are used by millions of users around the world, are open source. The best part about it is that anyone in the world, irrespective of what differentiates them, can access, and contribute to their code, and hence reach their entire user base. This seminar will introduce the students to the world of open source technologies. Technical Events: 1. BrainWorks - Internship Fair Planned to be organised in association with HackerEarth as our platform partners for the Technical Coding round. This event is a battle of thinking, accuracy and pace. The participants will get to solve multiple challenging problem, which demand the best of them. In addition to coding, we wanted to make this event an all- inclusive stop for learning and self-improvement, so one of the rounds also includes a Tech GD, and a non-technical quiz to accommodate students from other branches. Participants will have to articulate their technical knowledge and express themselves well, to emerge victorious in this challenging saga. 2. Blind Coding Spanning over two rounds, this is coding with a twist. A fun event, Blind Coding clearly justifies its name, through its purpose. In the first round, the participants are asked to code a simple problem with their monitors turned off and in the second round, they solve a run-of-the-mill computational problem, with a catch. They can compile and run their code, only once, that’s during submission. In both the rounds, the participants are judged based on the time taken, and accuracy of their code. 3. HACK IT UP 2.0 Hack It Up 2.0 is the second version of the very successful level-based ethical hacking competition, inclusive of a workshop which enumerates on the latest trends in cyber security and penetration testing. This completely free of cost event, is conducted in two levels, an online qualifier round and an onsite hacking round for the top 60 qualifiers. Non – Technical Events 1. Games CS Source PUBG Mini-Militia Fifa
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