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Organized By : The Lnm Institute Of Information Technology
Tagline : Encourage Developers To Build

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Event Name : LNMHacks 3.0
Who can participate : LNMHacks is a theme-based 24-hour hackathon based in the LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur with various tracks inline with the trends of bleeding edge technologies and software development. Into its third iteration, LNMHacks also conducts a Designation, parallel with the Hackathon, for the designers. Hack away!
Event Location : The LNM Institute of Information Technology ,Jaipur
Event Start Date : Nov 03, 2018
Event end Date : Nov 04, 2018
Last Date for Registration : Oct 25, 2018
Program Details :
Tracks for the hackathon are EdTech, Internet of Things (IoT), FinTech, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Computer Vision. New tracks add to the versatility of the platform.With prizes worth a total of 1.5 Lakhs at stake this is one event you wouldn't want to miss!Event is now Live at https://lnmhacks3.hackerearth.com/
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Event Url : http://lnmhacks.com/