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Organized By : Malaviya National Institute Of Technology
Tagline : Troves Of Mystique

Program Highlights

Event Name : BLITZSCHLAG'18
Who can participate : Students ranging from any Engineering/ Management college from around the country are free to participate in the three day extravaganza filled with a fusion of Music,Culture and Vogue.
Event Location : Jaipur, Rajasthan
Event Start Date : Feb 02, 2018
Event end Date : Feb 04, 2018
Last Date for Registration : Jan 25, 2018
Program Details :
Blitzschlag boasts to be one of the biggest college fests of Rajasthan, attracting students from all over India. It is synonymous to a wholesome festival encompassing the everyday segment of life,work,passion in a single event. It aims to perform its social responsibilities with social initiatives such as Drug Abuse and Breast Cancer Awareness to make a positive change in the society.
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Event Url : https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http://www.blitzschlag.in/&h=ATOX3q7voq-TyQZwuCjQqeUUbNyx5HV01gYgHHoRzzMnFIp_IPPLuDkQa7G_H-3kjC6g89i3hlECQlV_nSu1YQsC1RfrNZ0BSG96JRwyapsxHmNCtqcEFkKnzvI0mzxnF_ua-QVjEa0SwYlTbIHSmtaSns6_UoKWIkION_klVjW5L6cpmwMzi743POOcT4vDQSr