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Event Details

Organized By : Lansa Informatics Pvt Ltd
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Program Highlights

Event Name : 4th Industry Initiative Inplant Training
Who can participate : About training Program: Inplant training provides the industrial exposure to the students how to face the industry once they foot out from the campus. The industrial knowledge is essential for all students to get success in their job. Once student step in to the industry they should be ready to face competitive world with knowledge. The core competence area extending its boundary daily as technology grows. Student need to update day to day stuff from various innovative technologies. The difference between “Inplant training” and “Implant training” is often misunderstood. It’s actually “Implant training”, the basic awareness starts from here. Start from basic till the edge of skill we provide the best content practically to the students. On successful completion of our implant training students will be skilled enough and ready to shine. Job opportunity for students who has certificate on Implant training is high compared to non trained students, because the companies will know that student’s knowledge will be boosted by Implant training.
Event Location : Coimbatore
Event Start Date : Jun 01, 2017
Event end Date : Jul 15, 2017
Last Date for Registration : Jul 15, 2017
Program Details :
Objective of training program: • To promote students technical career towards the new technological developments that happens in the industry. • To bring students of various streams in to one roof and chance those to broaden technical knowledge of the students with the latest trends and technologies followed in the industry. • Participating in this training program gives an opportunity for the Students to interact with the technocrats. • Technocrats are capable to train the students and provide the awareness for students on various latest technologies used by the industry experts. Training Highlights: • Learn & interact with renowned industry experts • Receive an unparalleled education with personal attention • Students will get “TOOL KIT” at free of cost • E-Book will also be provided to the students during the training.
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