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Event Details

Organized By : Red-t
Tagline : Empowering All The Energy Consumers To Generate Their Own Clean Energy.

Program Highlights

Event Name : RE for All
Who can participate : all the undergraduate students can participate in the event.
Event Location : All over Bangalore
Event Start Date : May 15, 2017
Event end Date : Dec 31, 2017
Last Date for Registration : Apr 30, 2017
Program Details :
15th May an event get inaugurated by the honorable president of KARNATAKA SOLAR ENERGY SOCIETY, organizing committee allot selected interns into different groups spear headed by team guides,well equipped with campaign mtl.end of the day summery report generated and submitted to organisation committee,on 30th Dec,2017 grand function conducted by inviting govt energy minister,secretaries,office bearers,Renewable energy experts,film artists,celebrities,etc.,live streaming in all Tv channels.all the interns receive certificates and token of gifts from RED-T.
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