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Company Name : Lifenatphil
Company Type : Ngo
Location : Hyderabad - India
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Company Description In this current world of heartbreaks and judgmental hypocrisy, there is a need to help people cope up with their lives from the tough situations they go through. Every moment, there is someone out there who feels lonely and is having depressed feelings and suicidal thoughts. So to help all such broken souls, we, a group of people, have come forward to make people's life happier and keep everyone motivated through real life experiences & well-known to be worked practices. We write! And through our writings, we want you to feel comfortable. Our posts go around Love, Life, Nature, Philosophies and sometimes we use Anecdotes to give you a clear understanding of the essence of the content. We guide you to excel your life and be a good human being. We also write on any burning and needed social issues to give you an insight into what it actually is and try to give you a clear picture of everything from both a common man's perspective and also from the view of an expert. We are always ready to help you out. Come speak out your hearts with me, share your experiences with me and feel better. If you feel there is no one you can share, remember that Dr. Dee Sim Ber will be here.
Industry Sector Social Work