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Company Type : Private
Location : Gurgaon - India
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Company Description About STCH STCH is a full-service Integrated Marketing Solutions partner with event expertise across India and the world. We’re driven by a team of experienced professionals who have a combined experience of 270+ years in the industry. We see a future where a plethora experiential marketing options are available. Service providers who go the extra mile to make clients experiences memorable will prosper. By keenly understanding our client needs we shall provide them impactful solutions. Solutions that fulfil business objectives, audience needs and that prove excellent value propositions. STCH is a highly client centric, creative and efficient team that will enable a truly phygital event or activation for you. To achieve a genuinely phygital event experience, it's critical that there is technology that facilitates the introduction of the immediacy or immersion, and the interaction that the digital realm lacks by nature gets introduced. These three conditions applied to phygital make the participant/invitee feel more connected to the brand, generate trust, reinforcement empathy, and improve the participant experience. STCH not only offers you a phygital experience but also, has the following associations as mentioned below: 1. Unbound Meetings & Incentive - For all your Meetings, Conferences and Logistics requirements 2. Space Monkey Projects - For all your requirements for Content and AV
Industry Sector Event Management