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Company Name : Tea Treasure
Company Type : Private
Location : Delhi - India
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Company Description Tea Treasure is an Indian tea company delivering high grade, whole leaf Indian, Chinese, Nepal and Japanese tea. We have exclusive access to some of the best White, Green, Oolong, black, Herbal infusion, fruit infusion teas and tisanes .We are funded and have been growing by over 200% since inception. With the team expanding rapidly, we are covering some of the most offbeat things to do in India and our technology is rapidly becoming the one to beat. Tea Treasure is an Indian based company and caters to a gap in specialty tea market in India today. We specialize in producing and sourcing high quality, specialty and day to day teas and create unique tea blends in-house. Some blends caters to the rapidly evolving health & wellness driven segment in India, while other blends are more of the all-time favorites like kadak and masala chai. We are not only “tea experts” and more like a “one stop shop” for any tea enthusiast but our key differentiation would be our passion to experiment and bring out different, quirky tea blends for the young consumers in order to re-establish the image of tea as a cool preferred drink of choice. Over the years, the Company has grown in stature and size and as a leader in producing quality teas and enjoying one of the best Chai and green tea marks in India. We have been working with numerous Hotels, Cafes, Spa's & health and wellness centers in enhancing their beverage offerings by providing the best in class tea both in terms of choice and quality. About Tea Treasure's Products: 1. Whole leaf teas directly from the plantations 2. Handcrafted exotic teas 3. Calorie free, Rich in antioxidants 4. Huge range of corporate and Personalized tea gifts 5. Delicious tea blends with all herbal and natural ingredients
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