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Company Name : BizinBiz
Company Type : Startup
Location : Mumbai - India
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Company Description Who are we? We’re young (though not as young as you) founders graduated from IITB, IITD, IIMA who have previously worked at companies like Amazon, Samsung and P&G. We want to build a company and leave behind a legacy. And we want to have fun doing it. We want to work with a smart and talented group of people who are willing to challenge the status quo. What are we doing? We’ll keep this simple - we’re reimagining how Indian B2B procurement works. You’ll wonder how that happens today and why is there a need to change. Procurement process in Indian manufacturing industry has been as traditional as it could ever get. Buyers call their existing connections to find suppliers, negotiate with a few of them offline and eventually end up compromising on either trust, quality or promises. This is so 1990s. We wondered why no one has done anything about it. Because it is difficult - changing buying/selling behaviour that has been in place since decades now is difficult. But, we have a strong conviction that it can be solved with the right team and technology. And therefore, we’re doing it. We’re creating an online marketplace that connects buyers with suppliers, and make the process of buying and selling goods super easy. And we’re starting with the chemical industry first. We are tackling a humungous $180 Bn market that is growing at a CAGR of 10% at the least. Our marketplace has the potential to disrupt one of the largest chemical industries in the world. Within the next decade, we envision to be the single largest platform in India through which all the domestic and international chemical trade flows. We believe we are creating once in a lifetime opportunity to disrupt this industry that will have huge impact on the lives of people.
Industry Sector Information Technology