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Company Name : Magams Enterprises
Company Type : Startup
Location : Bangalore - India
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Company Description We at Magams Enterprises, manufacture Ready-to-Cook Chapati and Ready-to-fry Poori. We are a food based start-up, employing eight people to run the micro-scale production factory, following the FSSAI guidelines stringently. Food industry has a tremendous market and we want to encourage people to cook themselves; providing them the convenience, minus the rigmarole of kneading and rolling out the dough, thus enabling them to serve fresh Homemade comfort foods. We are very proud to claim that the products, that we help people to serve are not only made of very high quality ingredients, but also are very tasty and healthy. The chapatis are versatile enough to be prepared as per the wish of the consumer, in terms of fulka, Rotis, Oil-Chapatis or Wraps. The Pooris are very well loved by children and adults alike, so much that we have earned a place in kitchens for a Weekend Special Breakfast/Brunch. We are already being served in extremely satisfied home as well as professional kitchens.
Industry Sector Manufacturing