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Company Name : Sav Technologies Limited
Company Type : Startup
Location : Dubai - U.A.E.
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Company Description Sav is a goal-based saving platform that helps users effortlessly understand, save and organize their money. As a technology company with an innovative spirit, we are making products that help customers stress less about day-to-day money management, while also helping them build a strong foundation for their future. This is particularly important considering that financial health is one of the top 3 causes of stress in GCC. Despite the tax-free salaries, two in five has zero retirement savings, three in five revolve on their credit cards, and the national household debt has reached a record-highs in the recent years. Poor financial health can limit access to essentials like quality healthcare and education and further increase the debt burdens. We are a small, all-star team with ex-founders and senior leadership from neobanks, fintechs and Tier 1 banks in the GCC and Europe, who are determined to revolutionise how customers save and spend in the MENA region. Well, why settle for a plain vanilla saving or checking account, when Sav tailors the savings proposition of your dreams? Sav app will make you feel good about money with fun saving rules, and gamified rewards for every Dirham you save. Your Sav app will also come with a virtual debit card, which provides unmatched rewards every time you pay bills, transfer money, or make an online purchase. Sav also offers first-of-a-kind visual analytics that help you make sense of your money habits. Be it some extra cups of coffee, or an impulse purchase – Sav lets you get hold of your habits. It also provides insights on how you can save money on subscriptions you do not use, and real time offers on the things you spend most of your money on. We believe in doing the right thing for our users, always. We are ambitious, positive, and focused on what matters most to people. Think you might love working with us? We’d love to hear from you.
Industry Sector Finance