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Company Name : Smart Gorkha
Company Type : Startup
Location : Mumbai - India
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Company Description Smart Gorkha replaces visitor book with an innovative mobile interface which is a powerful and cost-effective solution for implementing visitor security policies that closes potential security gaps and improves productivity at lobby entrances. The net result is unprecedentedly good security, with a quick and easy interface that facilitates professional and responsive lobby processing. Smart Gorkha is an effective way to determine visitors and staff movement, identify unwanted visitors, and ensure speedy registration. With astounding benefits like significantly increased security, quick identification of unwanted visitors, it ensures to strengthen an organization’s in-place security policies and provide the people working in an organization peace of mind regarding their safety. Smart Gorkha deals into the following security services. · Initiative to Build a CRIME FREE society.· · Visitor Management.· · Live/Recent Visitors list.· · Visitors Notifications to owners of the house. Live.· · Quick check in for Friends/Family· · Staff Management· · Event Management· · Free Theft/Burglary Insurance for up to Rs. 1000000/- per house per year.· · Unlimited SMS for every house.· · Staff and Tenants document uploaded, online.· · 3 months online data and visitors backup and 3 years offline data backup from Smart Gorkha Services Pvt. Ltd.· · A Matrix Dashboard with different analytical reports ·
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