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Company Name : Conferro Heritae
Company Type : Private
Location : Delhi - India
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Company Description Conferro Heritae is an auction house specializing exclusively in art and collectibles. Conferro brings rare and unique items of culture and heritage to an international market.In our endeavour to preserve and promote history and the rich cultural heritage we strive to build a new generation of art lovers, collectors and enthusiasts through series of events and programmes focussed on education and knowledge sharing, showcasing, promoting, and auctioning the items representing the oldest civilization in the world, enabling collectors to learn, view, collect, and live with the pieces rarely seen before.We firmly believe that the heritage of different regions across the globe should be celebrated at the next level, integrating it with various regions and cultures across the globe and putting more effort in protecting and preserving our history.Conferro showcases unique and regional art and collectibles of the finest quality. These items, from one of the world’s oldest civilizations, presents the story of cultural heritage and preserve their inner narratives for future generations. As an authority on art and collectibles, Conferro uses its knowledge through research, to lead connoisseurs and novices alike, into a burgeoning market of cultural heritage.International interest in art and collectibles is on the rise, whilst collectors are predicted to tread the well-worn path of Russians, Chinese and Middle-Eastern collectors, buying back their own national treasures, as BRIC market economies continue to grow.
Industry Sector Creative Art (Painting, Clay Molding etc.)