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Company Name : LIVFITT
Company Type : Startup
Location : Noida - India
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Company Description LivFitt is a fitness tech. Platform that enables its users to achieve their fitness (fitness of mind, fitness of body and fitness of soul) goals through various services offered on the LivFitt platform. It further enables the users to upload and share photos and videos on the LivFitt platform and on social networks and communicate with other users and also read their fitness stories. LivFitt also enables its users to track their fitness and set health goals and work toward meeting them and share their data with experts and engage with other users and experts for availing advice and suggestions for a healthier lifestyle. LivFitt also provides a marketplace platform for various health and fitness centers, studios and individual experts (such as dietitians, personal trainers, yoga practitioners, nutritionists, etc.) to enable users / consumers to book appointments and avail the services of such service providers.
Industry Sector Healthcare