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Company Name : Nehbelle B'Care Industries Pvt Ltd
Company Type : Startup
Location : Kolhapur - India
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Company Description Nehbelle Cosmetics has tried to build its prestige with unique and qualitative products into the market. Upbringing women providing imperative service along with qualitative products that contributes most women in achieving revolutionizing change in their career joining hands in bringing ambitious women in high point of their dreams. The company has all time worked in bringing products that would also bring in them more healthy skin providing wide range of options in Color Cosmetics launching every product with detailed market and trend analysis. Nehbelle has constantly focused on enriching, market driven company and has tried to launch their products that reflects customer needs in trends and traditional along with representing the best adoptable customer's problems in cosmetics. It is basically merger of contents with traditional benefits evolving healthy lifestyle and standing on stage as trend believer. Reliance on its quality and service by audiences, the company is being observed to launch all of its product with the market research from its skilled manpower and regular consultation from its beauty experts. We are World's first to come up Biotin Concept Nail Lacquer that provides individual with 9 Benefits to Nail Care and other innovative products launched with highly market research about color choices and other elements.
Industry Sector Business Development, Social Media, Content & SEO, Design, UI/UX