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Company Name : eCollege Academy Global Education Services Private Limited
Company Type : Private
Location : Chennai - India
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Company Description eCollege Academy Global Education Services Private Limited is India’s premier international admissions consulting company. Our main objective is to provide our students with a quality, cost effective education and to maintain the highest academic standards. Our consultants are top university graduates who offer international experience in guiding students to take a right path to achieve their higher education goals. Our sensational global digital platform - eCollege Academy help students connect with universities of their choice right in the comfort of their home. Studying at eCollege Academy is not just about learning in your chosen field. It is also about exploring new ways of thinking, discovering different perspectives, and finding ways to make a difference. Our 3-way specialization aims to offer the most comprehensive and affordable international test preparatory courses, admissions consulting, and Online Degree programs. We offer highly personalized, cost-effective and quality test preparation and training classes to students globally. Our preparatory classes for international tests are comprehensive and effective. With eCollege Academy, each aspirant of abroad education is provided the right training and guidance in the specific international test. Concept - Our programs would be delivered through our own LMS portal (Learning Management System) which will be developed by us. Also we will be conducting joint programs in legal partnership with foreign Institution to provide our learners with more options of International programs. In order to grow further with such International institution, certain criteria are to be met from our side such as having advanced technology for a better growth in this digital world. OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: • Degree Programs • Study Abroad • STEM Programs • Certification Courses If you’ve got a program you think we could help with, we’d love to hear from you. |
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