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Company Name : The Boring News Co.
Company Type : Startup
Location : Bengaluru - India
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Company Description Traditional news organizations claim to be the readers' voice. The same folks lace their news with click-bait-y gossip, opinion-driven biases, propagandist sensationalism, and unnecessary speculation. You see, they will do whatever it takes to get your attention. The Boring News Co. believes that news should be a small part of your daily routine, not a constant barrage of “breaking” information. We produce one free daily email newsletter that delivers news with utmost brevity and clarity. How? Our fact-first, bullet-style news format focuses on informing you on all-things-relevant. Our writing style gives it to you straight – we don’t have a “voice”. Why? If you can be trusted to vote at 18, we trust you to make your opinions.
Industry Sector Media & Communication