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Company Name : ASCENT Smartwaves Pvt Ltd
Company Type : Private
Location : Mumbai - India
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ASCENT SmartWaves is on a mission to empower people and businesses in rural and semi-urban India through the use of technology. While technology has always been an enabler and process optimiser for large businesses, high upfront costs of technology make it unaffordable for traditional businesses.

There is a severe need for technology solutions that help to streamline business processes and optimise operations for Small and Medium Enterprises in Tier II and Tier III cities in India.

ASCENT SmartWaves is the first technology company in India with a focus on India specific technology solutions that are designed and developed for the fast-growing Indian market. Our team of highly experienced and qualified professionals is working tirelessly to take technology to the remotest corners of India. We are confident of taking our solutions to and improve lives of 50 crore Indians by 2022.

Industry Sector Business Development (Sales)