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Company Name : JEECarnot
Company Type : Startup
Location : Other - Chandigarh - India
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Company Description We at JEE Carnot are a group of IITians who aim to help the budding JEE aspirants by dedicatedly guiding them on the right path and preparing them for cracking the demanding exam. Having gone through the journey ourselves, we are well aware of the challenges and difficulties a student faces, and can not only empathize with your cause, but also provide ways of overcoming your obstacles and getting ahead of any failures you encounter on the way. We intend to do so by providing you with a schedule which has been individualized to best suit your needs, and a mentor who'll constantly be there to check up on you and guide you along the way. Our mentors have deep knowledge how student psychology works in jee exam as they have already faced and overcome that. We hope to make your mentor your personal JEE friend, available to you at all times, whenever you're in need of any guidance or motivation. We aim to achieve this through JEE Carnot.
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