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Company Name : First Care India Private Limited
Company Type : Startup
Location : Bangalore - India
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Company Description Our core focus is designing functional and modern first-aid kits that prompt and inspires parents and caregivers worldwide to be prepared when it comes to everyday childhood injuries. We donate products each year to various educational fundraisers and children's organizations to better the lives of others who can't afford first aid products. We are very conscious of the environment. We are also proudly partnered with non-profit organizations to humbly provide consistent work for those of various disabilities, allowing them the opportunity to feel a sense of need in the community & increased self-esteem. In doing so most of their products are proudly put together by loving & caring individuals with disabilities. These are all the little ways with which our family makes a difference - 'one little owie at a time'. We truly love what we do and we strive for you to love it too! We are not just any first aid company, we are a first aid company that cares.
Industry Sector Healthcare