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Company Name : Zerone Microsystems Pvt Ltd
Company Type : Startup
Location : Gurgaon - India
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Company Description About Zerone Microsystems Private Limited ( Zerone Microsystems is a bleeding-edge payment fintech and foodtech firm. Zerone Microsystems is the inventor of ZUP (Zerone Unified Payment) Technology, a cross-platform mobile app for frictionless payment between smartphones. ZPI Technology has enabled smartphone to smartphone payments. We convert cheapest of smartphones into a POS machine using our ZUP proximity payment technology, with no additional hardware and no need for NFC. Replacing the entire POS Infrastructure through a VPOS on cheapest of Smartphones. The current Board of Advisors to the company includes the former Chairman of State of Bank of India, Mr. Pratip Chaudhary, former MD of NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India), Mr. A. P. Hota, The former CEO of KPMG India, Mr Richard Rekhy, former Chief Cybersecurity Officer of India, Dr. Gulshan Rai, the former Ambassador of India to Pakistan, Mr. TCA Raghavan, the former Vice Chief of the Indian Airforce, Air Marshal S. B. Deo, among many other key professionals and domain experts. We are currently in the process of setting up our subsidiary in Singapore with Anthill Ventures. We are also in a very advanced stage of rolling out the solution in The Philippines, Bhutan and Nepal and in deep discussions in Bangladesh (along with Nomura) and in Australia. We had been shortlisted by Y Combinator. We are also part of NASSCOM 10000 Startup. We also won the best Startup award at the IIM Calcutta Clarion Call 3.0.
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