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Company Name : LetsEndorse
Company Type : Startup
Location : Bangalore - India
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Company Description LetsEndorse is a social venture and a digital market-network of powerful social innovations from across the globe, grass-root implementation partners/NGOs, responsible corporations, local administration and socially-savvy individuals. Through its technology footprint, LetsEndorse enables intelligent knowledge harnessing of practicable social models, builds collaborations for co-creating and scaling-up of solutions and fosters mobilization of funds/resources from various stakeholders transparently for accelerated intervention. The home-grown suite of technology-enabled products build operational efficiency and greater transparency in the way social organizations function and deliver the solutions at the last-mile. LetsEndorse is backed by Social Alpha (a Tata Trust initiatives), is a NASSCOM 10k Start-up and harbours an ambitious vision of aggregating the hugely fragmented socio-development ecosystem.
Industry Sector Social Work