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Company Type : Private
Location : Other - Madhya Pradesh - India
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Company Description Nurserynitra’s family is and has been very close to the nauture. The Gupta’s, who started this adventure have been living in nature for generations. They’ve developed this company for better and easier access to gardening material for everyone. When the Co-founder of the company Mr. Deepak Kumar Gupta started this company it was because Gardening gives an extraordinary satisfaction and helps create a happier life with positive environment. When his wife Shraddha along with his two Daughters Pawni and Arnavi returned home to the town of Dabra , after spending many years in the bustling concrete jungle of new Delhi, they resonated with this need, since it was becoming impossible to procure suitable plants for their home by travelling to nurseries which had shifted well outside the cities. It motivated him to start this company. was launched in the winters of 2018. There are so many urbanites looking for a peak of nature, and connecting with earth. It can also be used as a means of cleaner air, to reduce stress, and aquire a much more fulfilling life with growing and planting their own organic food. We are helping them by making available a wide range of gardening products. We here at nurserynitra provide all the materials necessary for Gardening easily and at cheeper prices. We are helping people to make their gardening easier and convenient. If you’re new to being a plant parent, we’re here to make it easier. Our garden experts can provide you with guidance for detailed care every step of the way.
Industry Sector Agriculture & Food Engineering