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Company Name : Skillinabox Pvt. Ltd.
Company Type : Startup
Location : Gurgaon - India
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Company Description Skill In A Box is an ed-tech startup which provides a range of innovative training kits to help develop analytical and technical skills in individuals. The kits come in boxes which are DIY (do it yourself) kits where an individual learns to read, adapt & implement and in this process create, innovate, & inspire their surroundings. How is a DIY helpful? DIY is helpful in several ways such as helping you to learn a skill at your home by yourself with minimum intervention and at your own pace, upskilling you in a particular skill set and helps you create different products for your surroundings, and developing cognitive abilities in you thus making you a proactive individual, upskilling you on reading, understanding & applying in order to create, innovate, and inspire your surroundings.
Industry Sector Education