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Company Name : Variety Innovation Venture Pvt Ltd
Company Type : Startup
Location : Gurgaon - India
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Company Description Variety Innovation Venture Private Limited is a Delhi based research & development and industrial automation company. We bring most dimensions of innovation together to work in new ways, enter new categories or channels and produce new products and services so as to bring new fronts. We offer a complete range of innovation services in various sectors like industrial automation, consultation, R&D, etc. With a team of experienced engineers with specialization in mechatronics engineering, software engineering, controls, automation, and robotics, we are able to provide efficient systems integration solutions for complex engineering challenges. We had worked in various sectors of industry with all kinds of companies and organizations, on a remarkable range of projects. The diversity of our knowledge and skills give a clear advantage to our clients, as we combine the learning and experience gained, to help build new breakthrough solutions.
Industry Sector Manufacturing