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Company Name : Gifbond
Company Type : Startup
Location : Vadodara / Baroda - India
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Company Description About Gifbond : * It's a platform to collaborate. Where the peoples of the same skill set connect to each other and work direct/indirectly on the same project. *Besides Project, a person could ask for help in Education, Health issues, social problems, Employment, Skills, Technical defects, Management, Etc. Or would help others vice versa. *Where you could share the amazing projects. You need help you could ask for it.and the people on the platform of the same interest/profession will reach out to help you. *Project contribution is a feature where you nobly submit project work to help others. *Your Anonymous Problems solved by consultants on the platform. Anonymous problems could be your personal health, sexual disorder, Depression, etc. * Finding the excel skilled employees for startup or organization. Where you can choose the skillset and find the best team online. Find more exciting features of Gifbond. Come join us Now!
Industry Sector Information Technology