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Company Name : Sarvagunaushdhi Pvt Ltd
Company Type : Private
Location : Delhi - India
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Company Description Akums is India’s single largest Contract Research and Manufacturing (CRAMS) organization responsible for manufacturing approximately 11-12 % of all drugs consumed in the country. The organization offers a comprehensive range of services starting from formulation development to market launch all en suite. § Contract Research & Manufacturing Services (CRAMS), § Formulation & development of Novel Drugs Delivery Systems (N.D.D.S.), § Loan License, § New Formulations with DCGI Approvals, § Institutional business § Technology Transfer, § Technical collaboration and Joint venture, Akums 9 state of the art facilities are equipped to produce all modern dosage forms — tablets, hard gelatin capsules, soft gelatin capsules, powder in sachets, liquid syrups and suspensions, injections, eye/ear drops, ointments, creams, gels, lotions, ayurveda and herbal preparations, nutraceutical and cosmetic preparations and many more. Akums offers significant manufacturing capacities, offering: • 119.65 Million Tablets, • 19.47 Million Hard Gelatin Capsules • 3.19 Soft Gelatin Capsules • 2.01 Liquid Orals • 1.83 Sachets • 1.46 Vials • 1.07 Ampoules • 0.65 FFS • 0.61 Topical Preparations • 0.3 3-Piece Eye Nasal Drops
Industry Sector Medical & Pharma/Pharmacy