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Company Name : iTalent India
Company Type : Private
Location : Nagpur - India
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Company Description About Company: iTalent India offers simple & measurable business performance solution -“BizGrow”- to small & medium size business that helps it define, track & measure most relevant business metrics resulting in business growth. BizGrow is amalgamated solution that combines the benefits of both business consulting & software, ensuring defining metrics along with its implementation. BizGrow helps you grow faster by visualizing its everyday business growth score & highlighting areas that need your immediate attention to improve your business performance. Rich insights from everyday metrics tracking give you firepower to act with data, removing guesswork & enhancing accuracy in decision making. With the help of the key performance indicators (KPI), significant growth in employee engagement is seen as employees know what is expected out of them & amount of efforts required to succeed. This empowers employees at all level to drive the company towards the leap forward success.
Industry Sector Business/Data Analytics