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Company Name : Quantumzyme LLP
Company Type : Startup
Location : Bengaluru - India
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Company Description Quantumzyme is a biotechnology based, insilico enzyme engineering company based in Bangalore, India. The aim of the Company is to help keep earth clean and green with the use of indigenously developed technology platform tool - QZyme Workbench. QZyme Workbench is an approach which is a hybrid mesh of computational tools molecular dynamics, molecular docking and quantum mechanics. The tool is such, that it can be used across variety of industries, including textiles, flavours and fragrances, pharmaceutical API and more, with the core purpose of migrating from complex hazardous chemistry to use of enzymes. In addition to working on contract research services, Quantumzyme also works on generating its own intellectual property across the aforementioned industries.
Industry Sector Biotechnology Engineering