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Company Name : OpenLearningIndia
Company Type : Startup
Location : Bangalore - India
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Company Description About OpenLearningIndia ( Open Learning India (OLI) is an innovative venture that relies on inventive ideas and techniques to provide the Best-Quality, Industry-Relevant, and Career-Oriented training Programs that are aligned with the specific needs and requirements of fresh college graduates and Growth-seeking engineering institutes. Our proven methods and tactics are imparted by Experts with years of Industry Experience. At OLI, we are driven by a firm belief that individuals should be in a position to make Confident and conscious Career Decisions. Instead of having companies choose employees, individuals should be in a position to select employers of their choice. We seek to empower individuals so that they may take charge of their careers. It is our fervent desire to engender a confident generation of self-assured students who would storm the job market, add value to the system, make a difference, and lead the way forward for a Better Future!
Industry Sector Software Engineering