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Company Name : Imbuedesk
Company Type : Startup
Location : Hyderabad - India
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Company Description "Imbuedesk Educational Networking Solutions Pvt. Ltd." is a place where students from different facets of life come and join together to develop themselves and also help others do it. We make students go through a process of self-understanding, self-discovering and self-developing areas of life in a career path which they are always really passionate about. We open new wings for innovation to be explored by the youngest minds of our century. We connect students with right peers and professionals of same interests and skills. We make students go through self-assessments to discover themselves to their best and help them in applying their abilities to overcome their fear of unknown/success/other. We have started on 25 Dec, 2013 and in one and half year's span of time we are able to deliver our services for more than 3000 students to date and is in process of developing the whole service to online market so that it can reach to maximum number of students all over the world. Process of Development in our company: 1.Member: Become a member( INR1000/- for those who doesn't pass our screening test and for others, no Membership fee) 2. Trainee: Go through our personality development and career enhance training and go through 2nd interview for receiving task/project from us. 3. Intern: Become an intern and execute your projects and tasks well, if performed well, will be promoted to higher grade. 4. Associate Engineer/Manager/counselor/Researcher: From here on, students will be getting paid for their work from 5000-25,000 p.m. 5. Manager Level: will be handling 50-100 employees under them, will be authorizing works to juniors, will be developing tasks to be completed and will handle technical/non-technical events.
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