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Company Name : Crazy Ripples
Company Type : Startup
Location : Delhi - India
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Company Description Created by the ripples of innovations in the rain of metamorphosing startup culture in India, Crazy Ripples was born to create a wave of revolutionary entrepreneurs, 'The next breed of entrepreneurs as we like to put it. We are not just a company trying to go with the flow but a company that'll change the flow of startup culture in this country. We offer various services to startups, hand holding them from the very ideation stage through every vertical of business till series investment and beyond. We are the provider for all early-stage businesses, and their journey beyond. Our driving motto is to identify, create and provide innovative solutions that will change the world. We offer an extensive framework of services to our startups to help them choose what fits them best, making it a total customization experience for our customers. We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs to succeed.
Industry Sector Information Technology