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Company Name : Whizprof
Company Type : Startup
Location : Kolkata - India
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Company Description WhizProf is a Kolkata based educational services provider that aims to converge school students and home tutors onto the same platform. Students are provided with the option to choose from a plethora of registered tutors online based on their location, class grade and type of education (academics/hobbies/interests) they need. Accordingly, tutors are sent to designated students' location. Keeping in line with the tagline -Learn->Excel->Succeed-, WhizProf mainly aims to empower college students by providing them with a chance to earn by tutoring students and also getting certified by interning at the same time. Lack of proper payment, irrelevance to their field of study and remote locations are some of the major reasons that hinder undergraduates from upgrading their skill sets and becoming industry ready. WhizProf aims to fill up this gap by providing them with paid internships that let them hone their skills, learn in-demand skills and also add to their resume.
Industry Sector Education