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Company Name : Seva Marg LLP
Company Type : Startup
Location : Bangalore - India
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Company Description Seva Marg is a platform for NGO's and individuals that are working for philanthropic causes to connect with people who can support them. We make it easier for NGO's to collect funding for their work, connect with eager volunteers and replenish their resources through donations. The website is designed to follow the positive change by tracking each campaign through reports, continuous update of campaign status and impact assessment. We are working to develop a hassle free method to make social reformation a part of everyone's daily lives. Through the philosophy of "Seva", we cater to all the requirements of a social movement. Needless to say that an instrumental shift in the present scenario of any social problem is only possible if the efforts are collaborative. Therefore, we provide the NGO's with simple and free registration, capability to post multiple campaigns at once, a variety of services and an increase in online visibility to help them. Users can interact with the NGO campaigns' point of contact person first-hand. They can either donate money, time or resources and be a part of their movement. We hope to work with poverty eradication, women's rights and welfare, education, healthcare, animal rights, disabled persons support, sustainable energy, rural development and other such pertinent issues that plague the world. Be a part of the collective working towards an evolved society, tomorrow and way of life.
Industry Sector Business Development & Social Media Marketing