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Company Name : FIRST APPLIED
Company Type : Private
Location : Hyderabad - India
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Company Description Over the past four decades, Applied has witnessed many changes. From its inception in 1973 to becoming First Applied, one of the state’s premier property developers, it has come a long way. Our founder Sri T.T. Reddy was an entrepreneur par excellence. His honesty, generosity and magic smile won for him a very high degree of credibility within a short time, and the name ‘Applied’ soon became synonymous with trustworthiness and reliability. It has since diversified into high-end real estate and has grown from strength to strength to become a major player in that segment. We, at First Applied, are passionate about the quality of living environments we create, and we know this is a passion shared by our enthusiastic clients as well. Sri T.T. Reddy believed that all the things that Applied sells should be exhilarating to own. Many things have changed over the ensuing thirty plus years, but those ideals are still very relevant to us today – they always have been and always will be.
Industry Sector Real Estate