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Company Name : CodeMania
Company Type : Startup
Location : Hyderabad - India
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Company Description About Us CodeMania is a community of students and entrepreneurs across the globe, having more than ten thousand members. Our Vision “The main motive of Codemania is to help students, skill unemployed youth and budding entrepreneurs by bringing them all together and providing them a common platform to: To learn about the latest technologies and their applications in real world. Connecting them with the appropriate people, investors and incubation. Supporting young entrepreneurs financially, if they have a brilliant and impacting idea. Our Mission To achieve our vision we are organize a lot of Tech. Events, Business Talks, Meetup and Workshops across the country to provide an opportunity, to all the students, skill unemployed youth and the future entrepreneurs : To mingle with all other like minds of their fields. To understand the current situation of today’s world and how to change it for the better To learn and understand the technologies of this contemporary world and their use for the betterment of the society To connect with other corporates and startups for job opportunities To connect them with incubation centers and accelerator programs
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