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Company Name : Fitato
Company Type : Startup
Location : Pune - India
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Company Description Briefly, Fitato is one of Pune's most promising start-ups, also the fastest growing startup in the fitness space. Currently, if you do join the company your aim is simply to make the city of Pune Fitato's fitness playground. So what is Fitato? Fitato is your single access pass to work out in 250+ Gyms & Fitness studios across Pune. Swim your way to Zumba via MMA and Yoga! Experiment each day with a new adventure, push your body limits with FITATO! get to know more here Fitato is a venture backed startup and raised a seed round of $80,000 and was also selected in Facebook Start Program where it received benefits worth $40,000 Who are we? We are a bunch of 20-year-olds who aren't building a startup, but a rock solid company where we believe we lay the foundation of something big and each and every brick we lay, it is of utmost importance. A lot of fun but triple the effort, be it sales call, pitching to potential clients or the late night brainstorming sessions, each aspect is important to us and that's what leads to the ultimate impact. Why should you think before hitting the apply button? We are looking for one bright hard-working, risk-taking, adventurous, instinctive, adrenaline seeking 20-something with the will to take on the world. But having said that working here isn't a cakewalk, a lot of work, long hours, boring work, tough people to work with but if you' are ok that, one thing we promise you is work that leads to impact, work that leads to you building a company.
Industry Sector Healthcare